Lincolnia Church is a Spirit-filled, multi-ethnic, multi-generational congregation which has been a vital part of the community since its founding in 1864. The church has changed with the neighborhood; going from a small white frame chapel in a rural Northern Virginia community to a much larger handicapped-accessible brick structure in the midst of an ever-changing urban setting.

With a congregation of just under 300 members, Lincolnia Church is large enough to offer a variety of opportunities for ministry and growth and small enough that each member’s presence and contribution are valued. On any given Sunday, our congregation will consist of persons from 10-20 nations; including natives of Northern Virginia, various other states in the United States, Sierra Leone, Ghana, the Philippines, Canada, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Korea, Madagascar, Burma, India, Afghanistan, and several other countries.

Our worship services reflect our Wesleyan heritage. We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday morning at our 8:30 service and on the first Sunday of every month at our 11:00 service.

In addition to the worship services, opportunities abound for education, mission and fellowship for persons of all ages. For further information, please contact me at my email address or phone the church office (703) 354-5176.

Vision and Mission

The Mission of Lincolnia United Methodist Church is to share Christ’s love for all people everywhere.

Our Vision: We are a congregation where all persons are welcomed, nurtured, and sent out as disciples of Jesus Christ.